An Overview and the Goal of Education

  In August of 1989, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, our school was changed to National Changhua University of Education from National Taiwan College of Education, and had three colleges(NTCU). The College of Education was among them.

  The College of Education was composed of six departments and one institute, including the Department of Guidance, the Department of Special Education, the Department of Chinese, the Department of English, the Department of Art, the Department of Geography, and the Graduate Institute of Education. In October of 2000, the College of Liberal Arts was established, and then the Department of Chinese, the Department of English, the Department of Art, the Department of Geography subordinated to it.

  At present, the College of Education including the Department of Guidance and Counseling (originally named the Department of Guidance, established in 1971, the Graduate School established in 1979, Ph.D. Program established in 1989), the Department of Special Education (established in 1975, the Graduate School established in 1984, Ph.D. Program established in 1991), the Graduate Institute of Education (established in 1996, Ph.D. Program established in 2003), and the Institute of Counseling for Rehabilitation (established in August of 2003) comes to two departments and two institutes, and is located at Ming-Der Hall and Jhih-Shan Hall on Jin-Der Campus. Our successive deans are Dr. Fu-Tien Ho , Dr. Tian-Way Sheu, Dr. Wen-Ke Wang, Dr. Ming-Chao Chen, Dr. Tair-Jye Chou ,Dr.Tsong-Wen Chen and Shuchu Chao(present).

  The educational goals of our college, besides continuing the fine tradition from the past times of NTCE, last to devote to not only training the students as good guidance teachers and special education teachers in a high school, but also helping train the students as specialized teachers for other subjects by establishing the educational courses for elementary school students and high school students. Meanwhile, we directly aim to the needs for our country’s education and economy, coordinate with our government’s important educational policies for deeply researching the specialized academic field of each existing department, and offer the present teachers to advance in study at their post to enhance their intellectual capacity.